Mediterranean shrubs

At our production centres in Valencia and Badajoz, you will be able to find a wide range of Mediterranean shrubs, as part of the extensive and varied collection of plants we grow. Our objective with the sale of Mediterranean shrubs is to give our customers high quality products, without neglecting the personalised service that we provide to everyone that comes to us each day.

Established in Europe as a major producer of fruit tree nurseries, at Orvifrusa we are also specialists in the sale of rose bushes, climbers, trees, ornamental shrubs, etc. We sell plants wholesale for large distribution chains, garden centres, public and private works, nurseries, etc. We focus our efforts on offering a constant evolution to meet the current and future needs of all of our customers.

The largest variety of Mediterranean shrubs in Valencia

Regardless of the project you have in mind, at Orvifrusa we can provide you with everything you need for every occasion.  Many gardening professionals place their trust in us when it comes to decorating green spaces, designing gardens, etc.

Currently, we continue adapting all of our production centres, introducing and applying the latest growing techniques to continue favouring the balance of the plant and its perfect adaptation to all of the ecosystems of its final destination.

We have a varied production of fruit trees, including, for example, orange, pomegranate, fig, laurel, hawthorn, lime, nectarine, loquat, grapevine, pear, lemon, jujube, cherry, dwarf fruit trees, etc.

We always work on the improvement and presentation of our plants, at Orvifrusa we can be proud of having obtained the quality certification for our plants - from PPQS. We are recognised in the market of the growing and distribution of Mediterranean plants, fruit trees and ornamental plants for offering a wide range of species and varieties, capable of fulfilling all of the needs of the market.




More than 500,000 m2 of crops grown on farms in Valencia and Badajoz, and more than 2,620,000 plants produced each year.


Orvifrusa has the most rigorous and stringent quality certificates that exist on the market: Global GAP, MPS, PPQS.


Orvifrusa operates in the national market and in international markets, including France, Germany, United Kingdom and the Middle East.