Olive tree nurseries

The growing and sale of olive trees is one of our specialities. In fact, at Orvifrusa, we have more than 40 years of experience and more than 550,000 m2 of crops distributed between four production centres, where we make a catalogue of more than 250 types of plants available to our customers, including fruit trees, trees, rose bushes, ornamental shrubs and palm trees. Additionally, we have a great flexibility in the presentations and formats of all of our products.

Despite our long history in the market, at Orvifrusa, we maintain a constant interest in all of our production centres to secure plants that offer the right phytosanitary conditions, fully adapted to the needs of our customers. This is why we are constantly evolving with the presentations and formats of our plants, specialising in the sale of orange, hazelnut, cherry, fig, grapefruit, lime, kiwi, lemon, almond, loquat, plum trees, etc.

Olive tree nurseries in Valencia with certified quality

As recognition for our constant work on the improvement and presentation of our plants, at Orvifrusa we have obtained the quality certification for our plants, from PPQS. It is one of the reasons why more and more customers place their trust in our services

Arbequina, Blanqueta, Frantaio, Manzanilla, Picual and Villalonga are the olive tree varieties that we grow at our production centres in Valencia and Badajoz. Our management, admin and production teams - managed by members of the Ferrer family - form a human team which brings together their efforts to continually evolve to respond to the increasing demand from our customers. We also have different options in the sale of vines, including the Alfonso Lavallèe, Cardinal, Moscatel and Rosetti varieties.

Always reaffirming our commitment to the environment, at Orvifrusa we favour a close collaboration with official bodies to faithfully comply with plant pathology regulations, in accordance with EU criteria.




More than 500,000 m2 of crops grown on farms in Valencia and Badajoz, and more than 2,620,000 plants produced each year.


Orvifrusa has the most rigorous and stringent quality certificates that exist on the market: Global GAP, MPS, PPQS.


Orvifrusa operates in the national market and in international markets, including France, Germany, United Kingdom and the Middle East.