Fruit tree nurseries

The fruit tree nurseries that we cultivate at Orvifrusa are very well received, not just in Spain, but also in Europe in general and even outside the European territory. With more than 40 years of experience in the market and more than 550,000 m2 of crops distributed between four production centres, our company can offer our customers an extensive catalogue with more than 250 types of plants, with great flexibility in presentations and formats.

Currently, we have a production of around 2,620,000 plants annually, as well as significant assets in technology and premises, which enable us to meet any demand within the deadline set and with maximum quality guaranteed.

At Orvifrusa, we have stood out in the European market with the sale of fruit trees, rose bush nurseries, the sale of Mediterranean and ornamental shrubs, climbing plants, palms, trees, etc. We are dedicated to selling wholesale, both for garden centres and public and private works, nurseries, large distribution chains, etc.

A large cultivation centre of fruit tree nurseries

Our management, admin and production teams managed by members of the Ferrer family, make up a human team which brings together all of their efforts to continually evolve to respond to the current and future needs of our customers. We have four farms, each of them specialised in different types of production.

For example, at Finca Santa Amalia (Badajoz), we are specialised in the production of rose bushes, palm trees and fruit trees. In this space, we handle an average yearly production of 1,300,000 plants. On the other hand, at our Finca Chiva I (Valencia), we have a powerful production of evergreen shrubs, such as the Mediterranean shrubs, climbers, fruit trees in pots, etc., with an average yearly production of 850,000 plants.

Please ask and we will inform you about all of our species and varieties and their adaptation to different climates and soils.




More than 500,000 m2 of crops grown on farms in Valencia and Badajoz, and more than 2,620,000 plants produced each year.


Orvifrusa has the most rigorous and stringent quality certificates that exist on the market: Global GAP, MPS, PPQS.


Orvifrusa operates in the national market and in international markets, including France, Germany, United Kingdom and the Middle East.