Rose bush nurseries

From our rose bush nurseries in Valencia, Orvifrusa can offer plants with the optimum conditions for the sale of rose bushes and other ornamental plants, meeting the needs of our customers at any time of year. All of this is possible as a result of rigorous care during cultivation, along with our painstaking process of quality and selection. Aware of the different needs of the end customers, we work every day to offer products with new variations, varieties and species.

Currently, at Orvifrusa we continue adapting our production centres with the introduction of the latest cultivation techniques to continue favouring the balance of the plants and their adaptation to the different types of climates and soils. It is with good reason that our company has the quality certificate awarded by PPQS and guarantees compliance with good agricultural practices produced by FEPEX in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, and with the recognition of the main national and foreign customers.

Rose bush nurseries and a wide range of ornamental plants

Our company has established itself in Europe as one of the most experienced producers of rose bushes, fruit trees, palm trees, climbing plants, trees, ornamental shrubs, etc. We are dedicated to selling wholesale - for garden centres and public and private works, large distribution chains, nurseries, etc.

In the sale of vines we are known for the different varieties of plants we offer, such as Alfonso Lavallèe, Cardinal, Moscatel or Rosetti, as well as the variety of formats presented. For example, we have ornamental plants and fruit trees grown in 9cm pots of different varieties: Hedera, Laurus Nobilis, Bracaena, Cordyline, Citibeasterm Cyoressictoarusm Cyoresus, Butia, Buxus, Adelfa, etc.; and low rose bushes, tall rose bushes, climbing roses, weeping roses.  From our olive tree nurseries, we offer different types of fruit plants such as Blanqueta, Arbequina, Villalonga, Frantaio, Manzanilla or Picual.

To discover all of our products, take a look at our online catalogue or visit us at our production centres, where we will show you our plant crops in a permanent display.




More than 500,000 m2 of crops grown on farms in Valencia and Badajoz, and more than 2,620,000 plants produced each year.


Orvifrusa has the most rigorous and stringent quality certificates that exist on the market: Global GAP, MPS, PPQS.


Orvifrusa operates in the national market and in international markets, including France, Germany, United Kingdom and the Middle East.