At Orvifrusa we are specialists in growing and selling ornamental shrubs, that we market nationally and internationally.

We can highlight the cultivation of the Euonymus japonicus, an ornamental shrub that we grow several varieties of, including Euonymus japonicus “Albomarginatus” (Argentea), “Aureomarginatus” (Aurea), “Bravo”, “Compactus” and “Gold Queen”.

We also have Euonymus japonicus Microphyllus (with smaller leaves), in the  “Albomarginatus” (Argentea) and “Aureomarginatus (Aurea) varieties.

In our prices list, that we publish annually, customers can also see our varieties and formats of rosebushes, trees, citrus trees and Mediterranean shrubs.

At our sites in Valencia and Badajoz, with a crop area of more than 550,000 m2, we grow flowering shrubs, deciduous shrubs and evergreen shrubs, as well as deciduous trees, evergreen trees, conifers, palm trees and climbing plants.

A wide range of ornamental shrubs.

In addition to Euonymus, at Orvifrusa we grow other ornamental shrubs such as Abelia, Arbutus, Callistemon, Cotoneaster, Cupressus, Hedera, Hibiscus, Juniperus, laurel, Pistacia, Punica granatum or Yucca, and many more.

Contact us without any obligation and we will inform you about all of our species and varieties, in addition to their adaptation to different climates and soils, both nationally and internationally.




More than 500,000 m2 of crops grown on farms in Valencia and Badajoz, and more than 2,620,000 plants produced each year.


Orvifrusa has the most rigorous and stringent quality certificates that exist on the market: Global GAP, MPS, PPQS.


Orvifrusa operates in the national market and in international markets, including France, Germany, United Kingdom and the Middle East.