Dear friend/customer:

This year, with the release of our new catalogue for 2021-2022, we cannot afford to miss the opportunity, now that the worst times of the pandemic have gone, to send a message of optimism, spirit and illusion.

Optimism because step by step we are learning to live together with the pandemic in a new scenario each time more similar to the real normality.

Spirit because, after all we have lived through the last months, we wish that all our colleagues, professionals in the green sector, friends and customers see their big effort rewarded and afford us to keep our sector healthy and prosperous.

And illusion, because from Orvifrusa we want to transmit all the joy and pride of working on the matter we love, that is to say, ornamental horticulture.

We keep working at our production centers to maintain the quality of our plants, applying the most innovative techniques for the plant stability and health, and the accommodation they require at every market.

From these lines, we want to thank our customers for all the trust and support shown all these years, and we invite you to visit us at our facilities, this time with a good handshake.

We remain at your disposal and wish you a nice 2021-2022 campaign