The fruit tree sales campaign has already begun and that is why we want to remind you that in our catalog you can find up to 26 species of fruit trees, of which we also offer a wide range of varieties. Our fruit trees can be purchased in various sizes and pot diameters, all of them produced with the highest quality standards. This is endorsed by the most demanding certificates that accompany our products, such as MPS, Global GAP.

In our catalog you can find:
• acerolo
• apricot tree
• carob
• almond tree
• hazelnut
• jujube
• Brown
• cherry
• plum
• pomegranate
• fig tree
• khaki
• Kiwi
• Apple tree
• peach tree
• quince
• nachi
• nectarine
• medlar
• loquat of Europe
• Walnut
• grafted walnut
• olives
• vine
• pear tree
• rowan

Regarding our genetically dwarf fruit trees, in Orvifrusa we grow almond, apricot, cherry, pear, plum, apple, peach and mandarin trees. These are valid plants for terraces or small gardens.

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