Iberflora has published on its website an interview with the sales manager of Orvifrusa, Raúl Ferrer, about the 50th anniversary of the company that we reproduce below.

This year Orvifrusa celebrates half a century of history… What are the keys for a company to celebrate so many years?

I believe that the keys are having combined experience in the sector, the great effort dedicated to the company and extensive knowledge of the products we grow. Orvifrusa throughout this half century has listened to professionals to respond to their needs and has also provided innovation. It has always been flexible to the market and has known how to adapt to changes, to what professionals demanded or to the requirements of the administrations. It is something that is always said, but it is true… There is no secret to success. What there is is the will and the ability to always respond to our clients with the utmost dedication. In the case of Orvifrusa, there is also the circumstance that it is a company in which the Ferrer family is involved in the management of the various areas of the company and it has been essential to all row in the same direction.

Looking back, how has the company evolved? And the sector?

The company was born as a sum of 8 family businesses that saw the need to group together in order to offer more variety and quantity of products, in short, to be more competitive. Finally, the Ferrer family remained as the only partner, but that philosophy has remained deeply rooted, that of wanting to always be competitive and that goes through innovation and the ability to open markets around the world. In fact, Orvifrusa has been increasing unstoppably, year after year, its export profile.

Likewise, the sector has become more professional, incorporating, like many others, technological advances and it is something in which we have also been investing, as we are aware of the need to evolve and improve production processes.

This sector has also changed a lot regarding how and where products are sold. When Orvifrusa was born, our products were marketed in nurseries that were also points of sale. And these today have evolved into garden centers, being today a very professionalized business, specialized in the sale, including other products and services. To this we must add that large international stores have also entered the market. Thanks to our investment in the company and the ability to respond, we have been able to serve both garden centers and these new market agents.

How is this year going for the company?

We are having a very similar campaign to last year despite living in a very difficult economic context, especially abroad. The market has been dragging an increase in inflation for some time, to which all the complications derived from the war in Ukraine have been added.

What are Orvifrusa’s challenges for the coming years?

Maintain the current clientele and sales in a future that is uncertain for the sector, as I said, due to how costs have skyrocketed. And keeping the clientele must always be done by placing adapting to their demands and needs at the center of our decisions. Our premise is to always be able to respond adequately and competitively to our clients.

What will be the star products of the company in Iberflora?

At our stand you will find a small selection that represents our extensive catalogue. Of course there will be our fruit trees, which are a distinctive product of Orvifrusa in Spain and the international market. Beyond showing a lot of product, what we want is to assist visitors to resolve their doubts, assist them and advise them. It is what we like most about fairs, contact with professionals.

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