With spring just around the corner, the sector is approaching its great season of the year. It is time to collect crops and prepare them for their destination. It does not do so in an easy context, with high costs and other obstacles that producers and marketers must face. But if horticulture professionals are characterized by something, it is their resilience, their ability to reinvent themselves and adapt. So we want to wish you all a good start to the campaign full of successes, which contribute to a more prosperous sector full of future.

Although obviously at this time of the year companies already have all their products prepared, at Orvifrusa we invite you to consult our commercial team if you need to introduce new products to your catalogs or if you require advice on the products we grow.

We want to always be at the side of professionals to improve your business.

Contact your usual Orvifrusa salesperson or through our different communication channels: https://orvifrusa.com/en/contact/

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