venta de higueras

At Orvifrusa we offer a wide range of varieties of fig trees for professionals that adapt to any requirement and need. Our selection includes fig varieties ranging from the classic ‘Blanca Gota de Miel’, recognized for its sweetness, ‘Panaché‘, a bicolor variety that provides a distinctive ornamental, ‘Brown Turkey‘, very resistant to low temperatures.

Our fig trees are available in different pot sizes and in a wide range of presentations and formats, including bushes and espaliers, with trunk heights ranging from 30 to 200 centimeters.

Our available varieties are:

  1. Blanca Gota de Miel
  2. Breva
  3. Brown Turkey
  4. Cuello Dama Blanca
  5. Dalmatie
  6. Dauphine
  7. Goutte D’Or
  8. Gris de Saint Jean
  9. Napolitana
  10. Noir de Caromb
  11. Panaché
  12. Ronde de Bordeaux
  13. Verdial
  14. Violette de Solies

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